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Hand-carved woodblock print on ~6x8in delicate creme colored Unryu Mulberry Paper (25gsm)

Prints are hand titled, numbered, and signed just below the impression. Limited Edition of 32. June, 2022

The signature in the carving was carved through post printing to ensure that the edition is limited an no prints can ever be made again.


Amanita bisporigera is also known as "Detroying Angel" and is a poisonous mushroom from North America.


Each print is hand printed so there will be ink variations from print to print (for example some areas may look more faded than others). The uneven characteristics of the Unryu paper and the nature of hand pressed prints creates a stylized vintage look.


Arrives protected in a compostable glassine sleeve with 100% recycled matboard backing. (Frame not included)

Amanita bisporigera


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