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Tattoo Ticket

If you are interested in getting one of my pieces tattooed, thank you so much! That is probably the highest compliment I could receive!

Tattoo tickets are not for custom designs/commisions. The tattoo ticket is for use on a design I've already done.

In order to inform the tattoo artist of your choice that you have permission to use my art for tattoo purposes, please obtain a Tattoo Ticket.

To acquire a tattoo ticket, you can either purchase the digital tattoo ticket (available at the bottom of this page) or the hand-made print of the design you want as a tattoo. If you purchase the physical print, just make sure to let me know in the order notes that you would like to also receive a tattoo ticket for that design.

If you do not want/need the physical hand-made copy of the print and only wish to purchase the digital tattoo ticket, just make sure your tattoo artist is comfortable working from the product photos here on my website, or over on my instagram. I will not provide any digital copies/scans of my original block-prints.

I would LOVE to see the final tattoo once it is finished! Please tag me @calliebarbasart if you decide to share any pictures or videos on social media.

Please note the following when considering a tattoo ticket in general:

The tattoo tickets are single use only! Please purchase a print/ticket for each design you wish to get as a tattoo.

The tattoo ticket gives permission for you to use the illustration/design as-is. Please do not make, or have your tattoo artist make, any major changes to the design, other than cropping or sizing. Please consider showing the design to your tattoo artist before purchasing a tattoo ticket, to ensure that the project is the right fit for both of you.

The chosen design is to be used only for a personal tattoo. This tattoo ticket does not give you permission to use my artwork in any other way or for any commercial purposes. Please do not sell my artwork. The tattoo ticket does not grant permission for the tattoo artist to reuse the design in the future or add the design to their flash portfolio.

This tattoo ticket does not grant exclusive use of the illustration. Other people may also get the same design tattooed. 

By purchasing or requesting a tattoo ticket, you are agreeing to all of the terms above. 

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