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4.75x6.75" handmade linocut print, printed on 5x7" handmade Lokta paper


Bleeding Heart, Lamprocapnos spectabilis, is a poisonous plant native to Siberia, northern China, Korea, and Japan. The flowers when viewed downwards, resemble a pink heart with a droplet. However many of the traditional names for the plant reference the view of the plant when seen from the oposite direction. With the white "droplet" facing upwards, and the pink petals slightly separated, the flower resembles a person sitting in a boat or a bath. 


Each print is hand printed so there will be variations from print to print, for example some areas may look more faded than others. Some areas may have more/less ink saturation. This is part of the handmade wonder of the artwork, but still please be aware. Additionally, each piece of paper is handmade and hand torn so there will be inherit variations in color/texture/thickness that make each piece unique.


Open Edition. Each print is titles, signed, and dated just below the impression. 


Arrives protected in a compostable glassine sleeve with recylced cardboard backing. (Frame not included)


This print is part of the The Witch's Garden series, a poisonous botanical print series designed with matching faux-postage stamp stickers. Each month through Patreon, a new poisonous plant is designed, carved, printed, and mailed out with matching sticker sheets.

You can join the "Botanical Linocut Club" ($15/month) to receive a monthly hand-printed Witch's Garden print and 20% off previous botanical Patreon prints in my shop. Or Join tier 5 "Botanical Linocut + Stamp Collector Club" ($20/month) to also receive the matching sticker sheet. Botanical prints are $20+shipping in my shop and are listed a month or so after being released on Patreon. The sticker sheets are only sent out through Patreon the month they are created and then past faux-postage stickers are available individually in mystery packs in my shop.

Bleeding Heart