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~11"x15" hand-carved linoleum block hand-printed onto ~12"x16" heavy-weight, hand-dyed (with Earl Grey Tea) paper.


"Draconae umbramaris" (Shadow of the Sea) is a stylilized scientific illustration showing the different anatomical parts of a sea-dragon skeleton. The illustration also shows some hoard jewels typically found near the remains (pearls) and what the eggshell may have looked like of such a dragon. 

2.a. dorsal fin with scales

2.b. sclerotic eye bone

2.c. egg shell

2.d. diamond hard dorsal scale

2.e. softer ventral scale

2.f. loosely hinged jaw

2.g. dorsal fin bone

2.h. 2 sea urchin skeletons

2.i. hoard pearls

2.j. partial hypural bone

2.k. tail fin with scales

2.l. vertebra

2.m. vertebra w/ fin bone & ribs

2.n. ventral scale pattern


"C.J.Barbas del. et lino." in the bottom left means "drawn and linocut by C.J. Barbas" (that's me).


Each print is hand printed so there will be variations from print to print (for example some areas may look more faded than others. Some area may have more/less ink saturation. This is part of the hand made wonder of the artwork, but still please be aware)


Limited Edition of 500 on heavy weight paper hand-dyed (with Earl Grey Tea). Printed to order until 500 have been made, each print is hand-titled and signed just below the impression.


Each page of tea-stained paper is hand-dyed so there will be additional inherit variations in color that make each piece unique.


Arrives protected in a compostable glassine sleeve. (Frame not included)


Paper size ~12"x16"

Draconae umbramaris - Tea-Stained Paper