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Four random mystery stickers collected from the "Letters from a Witch's Garden" series. (photos are not relative to scale and, for example, only. Your mystery pack may include stickers that are not shown in the photos!)


The stickers vary in size (close to traditional postage stamp size)

These are decorative only (: They are not legal postage, so do not use them to try and send a real letter.


The stickers are made with water-resistant, durable, matte sticker material.


The series is an ongoing project released monthly through Patreon.

Each month, a new poisonous plant linocut and a matching faux-postage stamp design is relased. The stamp collector patrons receive the linocut print and 4 matching faux-postage stickers of that month's design.

The finished series will have 36-40 different designs.


The current possible faux-postage stamp stickers within each envelope are:

Moonflowers (March '23)

Bleeding Heart (April '23)

Death Camas (May '23)

Mountain Laurel (June '23)

Lily of the Valley (July '23)

Giant Hogweed (Aug '23)

Monkshood (Sept '23)

Belladonna (Oct '23)

Misteltoe (Nov '23)

Henbane (Dec '23)

Doll's Eyes (Jan '24)

Mountain Arnica (Feb '24)

Leather Flower (Mar '24)

Mystery Faux-Postage Sticker Pack


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